Broken Lines

“Broken Lines” is an original album by Sivan Arbel, a new young Jazz artist. This CD features all of the singer’s original compositions including her first song which was written in Israel where she was born and raised. Sivan continued composing as she began her travels, first in

The making of this album is another step in Sivan’s journey. This debut CD personifies the organic way the singer writes her music and lyrics. Sivan chose “Broken Lines” as the title song of this new CD because it represents the way that she shapes her songs. Like a meandering broken line, her music develops and travels through different forums as she allows the music to flow through her. Sivan strives to be true to herself as a person and artist as a soloist and also when she collaborates with her fellow musicians.


Track list

  1. Over Sensitivity 05:21
  2. Open My Tube of Art 04:08
  3. Analysis 06:42
  4. Blue in Green 07:00
  5. Active on Wheels 04:53
  6. For Aba 11:29
  7. Broken Lines 05:52
  • Release Date : June 1, 2016

  • Producer : Ziv Shalev and Sivan Arbel

  • Label : Sivan Arbel

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