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Critically acclaimed Sivan Arbel is an Israeli vocalist, composer, arranger and an effervescent talent on the international jazz scene. Her original music, arrangements and lyrics open a window into her rich inner world. She playfully layers her artistic expressions with her love for jazz and other diverse musical influences originating in her Israeli roots and global travels. As a performer, Sivan lights the room and rivets audiences as she fuses her distinct rhythm and groove with scat improvisation, movement and dance.

This is the Sivan Arbel Music Experience.

Two self-released albums headline her resume. Sivan’s debut album “Broken Lines” (2016) received immediate international recognition and media coverage. In his extensive review, Travis Rogers, Jr. – The Jazz Owl wrote: “Broken Lines” is a wonder. Sivan Arbel has captured love and longing, respect and reflection, and then set loose an emotional and lyrical watercolor that remains fresh and lively long after the album has ended. To transmit such joy—and for it to remain so long after—must be the greatest gift one can give. So it is with Sivan, she imparts joy and it remains.”

Her second album, “Change of Light” (2019), was selected by Jazz2K as Best Vocal Disc of 2019. The album was also listed by The 41st Annual Jazz Station Awards as “Top Vocal Jazz Album ” and was included in Giancarlo Mei's “Musical Choice for 2019”.

Sivan has performed in festivals and venues across the globe including the Minsk Jazz Festival, Bratislava Jazz Days Festival, Lincoln Center in NYC, Boston Jazz Festival, 4020 Festival in Austria, and more . In 2016, Sivan was invited to participate in the Jazz Composers Series as part of the annual Montreal Jazz Festival.

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