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Change of Light
Best Vocal Disc of 2019! Chosen by Jay Hunter from Jazz2K 
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"Standing firmly at the crossroads of Moroccan, Brazilian, Indian and Israeli influences, Arbel refines a genre-bending array of emotional ore in her image..."
- Downbeat Magazine.    
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"Sivan Arbel is a young singer with an angelic, elastic tone and the ability to write songs that marry contemplative lyrics to surging melodies with impressive power."- All About Jazz    
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Broken Lines
"Sivan Arbel is a fascinating study in joining the musical dots...that the talented vocalist makes leap off the page with her voice and rise up into the sonic clouds that hang over her every breathtaking performance." -World Music Report by Raul Da Gama
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"Broken Lines offers a promise of more exciting and unique sounds to come" - The Jazz Writer
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"Arbel breaks the mold with angular yet beautiful melodies, sophisticated arrangements and emotionally charged lyrics that bring listeners on an unforgettable journey into a new realm of contemporary jazz." - Jazz Station by Arnalrdo Desouteiro
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